Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World of Tanks - This Tank Needs Lucky Fuzzy Dice

In a post today Tobold talks about having a 50/50 win/loss ratio.  Looking at my stats that's roughly where I am as well . . . overall.  If I look at the individual tanks in my "stable" though, the win/loss ratio is all over the place.  It balances out over my account to a roughly 50/50 ratio (it's actually 51/49, woo!) but some tanks do well while others just seem to be cursed, and I really don't know why.  Well, ok, I know why my Hetzer seems cursed - the damnable thing is a near useless abomination when you first get it, capable of pelting along at a mighty 12 kph with a gun capable of penetrating wet tissue paper.  It becomes much more fearsome with some upgrades, but you really need to destroy something and win some matches to ever get them.

My worst tank, for no apparent reason, has got to be my Panzer III.  It's really quite a lovely medium tank, fast, agile, decently armed and armored.  Yet I have a 26% win ratio in the poor thing.  I've had some pretty "heroic" moments in that tank, such as when I snuck behind enemy lines by myself, taking out a scout and both enemy artillery units, then started to cap the flag only to discover I was the only person left on my team against 4 enemies.  I had the flag at 50%(ish) when the other four arrived at our base.  With four their cap went faster than mine.  We reached 94% at the same time, and then they passed me, hitting 100% as I hit 97% . . . I thought we'd lost (so close!) but the after-battle screen showed it was declared a draw.  Woo!  No heroic win for me, but at least they didn't win either.

Err, but I digress.  The point is that I don't (totally) suck, the tank itself doesn't suck, yet somehow I always end up on teams where we either don't pull it together, or the other team is just better.  I've fully upgraded the Panzer III (working on unlocking the Panzer IV now) mostly through losses -- so that's a lot of matches.  Yet the win/loss ratio stays stubbornly around Bush-era approval ratings.

This is balanced out by tanks like my T1 Heavy, which for no good reason has over a 60% win ratio.  I don't really like the tank -- it's slow, it's armor is not particularly good, and it's gun is amongst the weakest a heavy tank can get.  It's not unusual for me to get 2-shotted by medium tanks with better guns, better armor, and more mobility.  I often finish a match with 0 kills which is frankly embarrassing in a heavy.  Yet the tank does like to win, and has certainly had it's moments as well.

I just find it very strange that my Panzer III has a high survival rate and a low victory rate, whereas my T1 Heavy hardly ever survives a match but wins more than it loses.  Anyone have some lucky dice for my Panzer?  It's getting ridiculous.


  1. It's not just you. My panzer 3 (3a was even worse) was responsible for dropping me below 50% for a while. It's a weird tank for a tier 4 tank. Super fast but poor guns, poor armor and high profile makes you an easy kill. Plus since its tier 4 it will often get bottom listed against some heavy stuff (tier 7-8).

    Thing is that with other tanks I can often make a difference with scouting or whatnot but Pz3 just seems to be a victim and I don't feel its helping the team much.

  2. I guess I don't feel like the gun choices are too bad since I'm used to the piddly little guns the American tanks tend to have. I'm really looking forward to the Panzer IV though. Despite being a "medium" tank its upgraded turret has more armor than a T1 heavy and it has a better gun :P

    I actually LIKE the Panzer III though, which is part of the problem. You're right that it just doesn't seem to work as a scout though. Too easily spotted I guess.