Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World of Tanks Experience Calculation

Does anyone out there know the formulas used to calculate XP earned in World of Tanks matches?  Lately the amounts I've earned seem to be wildly erratic with minimal correlation with my actions in the match.

For example, my first ever match in a KV-5 was a win, with 2 enemies destroyed, and earned me a whopping 4000+ xp.  I assumed this was normal for a tier 8 tank, but in match after match since then I've never come close to that kind of xp again.  In fact, I haven't broken 2k, even with 4 enemies destroyed.  Another example would be a recent victory with my M6 in which I destroyed 4 enemies, and even with doubled xp only earned 960 points.  My highest ever with that tank was over 2000, and I certainly didn't have 8 kills or anything absurd like that (4 with the M6 was a personal best).

I had a "win" last night in my T-28 where the doubled xp award was 204 points.  I didn't destroy any enemies, but I did detect a few. That's a pitiful payout for a victory in a tier 4 tank.  I'm used to seeing numbers like that on a loss, not a doubled win.

So, any WoT players out there have any insight?  I'm kind of baffled.


  1. The exact formula is unknown but what is known is posted on this page:


  2. Thanks for the link. It actually explains the poor xp my T-28 received on a recent win, due to this:

    "You also get a small amount of experience for the overall damage your team does to the enemy."

    Someone on my team capped the enemy base pretty early on, with about half the players on each team still alive (how he did it I have no idea). That would have reduced the xp earned for everyone.

    So now I know why my T-28 earned so little, but still have no clue why my heavies got so much last week and have never come close since.

  3. Did you get kills/damage against tier 9 or 10 tanks in that first KV-5 match? I've got as much XP in a match with no kills by damaging a couple of much higher tier opponents as in another with four or five kills against lower tiers. Still seems to be a pretty hefty random factor, though (hard to know if I was spotting for others, f'rexample)

  4. An excellent question. I think there may have been Tier 9s in the match, I know I wasn't at the top of the roster. However, I also know I didn't damage anything higher than a Lowe.

    I'll have to watch out for a match with top tier tanks in it and see how it goes. In thinking about it, it's entirely possible I haven't gotten one since last week.

    On the plus side, I'm now only 9k xp from unlocking the US T-29, and from what I've seen that should be a fun tank to play.

  5. Are you aware that the first victory each day gives double xp? The tanks in your garage are even marked with a little icon showing whether they got their double xp for the day yet. It is pretty much impossible to get to 4k xp without that double xp bonus.

  6. Also, if you are playing on the US server, there was a Father's Day special run June 17-21 that gave 5x XP for the first win instead of 2x.

  7. Tobold, umm, yes, I'm aware. I even mentioned it several times.

    Winged Nazgul, I didn't know that. I missed most of that weekend, only getting to play one day in that period. That must have been what I saw that gave big xp.

    I think that pretty much clears it up, thanks all!

  8. yes I think they did have that, which was nice. I also believe they cut the cost for the addon modules. I was pretty sure I bought a tank gun rammer for 250K credits and then the next day it was back up to 500K. Doh!

  9. Only been playing about a month, and the mystery 5x bonus they had a week or so ago almost made me fall out of my chair. Got almost 5k XP in one battle, and no clue how it happened. Then i read in the forums later they had some special going on. I really need to visit the main site more often to check out any specials are coming up.

    Recently I've been able to control myself enough that if I'm in a good hiding spot, and I light up a tank I have no business shooting at, I'll hold fire and take the spotting bonus while the heavy hitters on the team damage or destroy him.

  10. The game mechanics makes it so that you earn exp and credits by 3 factors: damage, overall team performance and tier that you damage ( 10% bonus for every tier up and I think down stays the same if not 10% down.) Also i have earned 11k on one game in my KV due to premuim and times 5.

  11. I really wish they had an exp breakdown in the game. The detailed view is nice, but when i shoot 10/10, detect 2, damage 7, kill 5, deal 3k dmg, and have 1200 dmg on detection in my T34, i think i should get more than 1000 exp...

    Maybe that's just my opinion...