Monday, June 27, 2011

I am Force Nonnac Reddof, and that's OK

Shoot me!
I've been forced to confront a painful truth over the weekend.  A truth about World of Tanks, and my skill therein.  Or perhaps we should say, lack of skill.  It has become apparent that I am no tank ace, no destroyer of foes.  My enemies need not tremble in fear when my name appears on the roster.  I am cannon fodder.  I am almost guaranteed to plow head first into the most powerful tanks on the enemy team about 95% of the time.  It doesn't matter if I'm at the bottom of the roster or the top, I'll drive about 50 yards and be confronted with 2-4 enemies I only "might" be able to hurt, but who can certainly hurt me with every shot they take.  If I play defensively, I get encircled and killed.  If I play offensively, well, you can guess how that goes, outnumbered by superior foes in a game where some tanks can indeed one-shot you.  I take comfort in damaging a foe or two before they obliterate me.

I prefer T8-T9 shells from heavy tanks with real guns.  Yum!
You know what though?  It's ok.  The 20-60 seconds I have those four enemy heavy tanks occupied with encircling and destroying me is 20-60 seconds the rest of my team has an advantage.  I've seen games won and lost over 10 seconds of combat.  I mean, I seem to consistently pick tanks with guns too puny to seriously damage even same-level opponents, so I might as well go out and get myself shot at, right?  I'm taking one for the team, playing the role of cannon fodder for the greater good.  It's a shame then, that all too often I'll look at the roster over the smoking corpse of my tank and see what while I was dancing with the enemy heavies half my team got wiped out despite having a numerical and/or class advantage.  What the heck guys, were you all as bad as me?!

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  1. Since victory by capping a base is not that common and one-sided victory is even rarer (no matter how common it seems), I'd say that most of the people will die more often than not - so don't worry about dieing often. ;-)