Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's hard to write when you're not playing anything

Thanks to a convergence between the twin demons Lack of Free Time and Not Feeling Well, I haven't actually played any games all week.  It does, unsurprisingly, make it difficult to find things to write about.  Sure I could go on about the ridiculousness of Star Wars: The Old Republic's $150 collector's edition (it's ridiculous, there I said it) but the fact is tons of people are buying it, and as Apple has clearly demonstrated over the years it doesn't matter how overpriced something is if people keep buying it anyway.  I won't be buying a collector's edition, I would rather have 3 games for that price than one game and a Star Wars statue my wife would be ashamed to have sitting visible anywhere in the house.

I did play a little bit of World of Tanks last weekend, and finally unlocked the VK3601(H), a tier 6 German medium tank.  It's been interesting to compare it to the M4A3E8 (a tier 6, U.S. medium tank), in that the VK3601 isn't really a medium tank, it seems to quite clearly be a heavy tank in medium tank's clothing -- which makes sense considering it's the predecessor to the Panzer VI Tiger heavy tank.  Compared to the M6, the U.S. tier 6 heavy tank, the VK3601 is slightly faster, has slightly fewer hit points, but has similar armor and firepower.  Sadly I think it's superior to the M6 until you can unlock that heavy tank's 90mm gun, at which point the M6 might take the lead, except it's still a larger, easier to hit target and thus technically has a shorter potential lifespan.  Compared to the M4A3E8, the VK3601 has better armor but less speed and agility.  I'm finding in higher tier matches that the difference between 70 armor and 100 armor is negligible, as either will be easily penetrated by a tier 8 heavy tank's massive gun, whereas speed and agility can help you avoid being hit at all.  If I have to be stuck in the miserable position of dueling a Lowe in my tier 6 medium tank, I'd rather be in the M4A3E8.  At least I might be able to get behind the thing.

I'm also reading the latest book in the Song of Ice and Fire.  It's been a good read so far, but George R.R. Martin has spread the story so thin over so many characters that the overall plot is barely creeping forward.  I don't know how he's going to tie everything up by the end of this book, but supposedly it's the last one so he better.  I don't want him to pull a Robert Jordan here.

Also, this is the worst WoW phishing attempt I've seen in ages:

Greetings,***Please read this e-mail carefully, as it is related to your account state of World of Warcraft ID.
Deathwing the Destroyer returns to Azeroth. There is a serious saturation point in the World of Warcraft ID(s) and it is very difficult for players to creat a role. That we may delete some of the same as role's ID(s) to ensure to get a better gaming experience for players. 
Sorry, because the part ID(s) which is not logged on ,for a long time. For our regular check may cause your ID(s) is cleared. We need you to submit the further questionnaire in person. In order to confirm that you are still in Azeroth. Please click *link redacted*

It goes on for a while, but I think you get the idea.  I've seen some phishing attempts I could understand people falling for, but this one?  Really?

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  1. Actually, there's still two more books to go in ASoIaF. So he's still got plenty left to tell and tie up.