Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A brief mention of politics

This is not a political blog.  However, the current antics in Washington D.C. are making me sick.  The members of congress should be ashamed of themselves.  Putting personal political gain ahead of the nation's well-being is indicative of the worst type of politicians.  This is not a partisan critique, both sides are acting like squabbling little children and need to grow up and learn how to compromise like every other person in every other profession.

The founders of the U.S. quite clearly set up the two party system to generate legislation that met in the middle rather than being dominated by one extreme or the other.  In some ways, the uncompromising hard-line attitude being held by certain members of congress could be seen as unconstitutional -- certainly its not constructive.

Polls have repeatedly shown that most Americans support a budget approach that both cuts spending and increases revenue.  Those members of congress claiming their hard-line uncompromising approach is "the will of the voters" need to get their heads out of their asses and start paying attention.  Republicans need to accept that removal of tax breaks for big corporations and the rich are widely accepted by voters.  Not, of course, the rich voters lining their campaign coffers though, so clearly there's no self-interest there.  Democrats need to accept that deep cuts are needed to get government spending under control.  Pet projects are going to die. Deal with it, the government doesn't exist to be your little plaything.

As voters we only have one recourse.  If members of congress won't do their damn job, vote them out in 2012.

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