Monday, July 18, 2011

Enough with the WoW Phishing spam already!

Has anyone else noticed a real uptick in the quantity (and sometimes quality) of WoW phishing spam lately?  I'm getting them on 3 e-mail accounts, only one of which has ever been associated with Blizzard in any way.  They keep sneaking into my inbox by fooling my spam filter into thinking they're actually from Blizzard.  The most recent one I've been getting is a carbon copy of Blizzard's "come back for 7 days free" e-mail, except it lacks the personalized touches of the real Blizzard mail, and of course points to a phony sign up site.

I've also been getting phishing spam.  There used to be little to no value in a account, but now that it's linked to your WoW account I guess that's fair game too.  Sigh.  I've even had people trying to sign up for using my e-mail accounts.  Double sigh.

It's all getting pretty tiresome.  I'm not sure I'd especially care if my WoW account DID get hacked, except I have no doubt the day after my account was hacked and stripped I'd get yet another phishing attempt (or three) in my inbox.

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  1. I only get those on one e-mail address, the one I've only used to sign up at EJ. But yes, I get a lot of them too. :)