Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking for a good multiplayer game

Some friends and I have arranged to meet up one night every week for some guaranteed multiplayer gaming.  Our work and family lives have made it hard for us to meet up at random like we used to, so we picked a time and day where we would try to meet up and game together like in “the good old days” (or whatever).

So far it’s been going great, with one exception – what to play?  We have, by default, ended up playing World of Tanks a fair bit, because it’s easy to jump in to and happens to be just perfect for three people (the maximum size of a platoon).  However, it’s not really the sort of gaming we want to do (PvP), especially for the long term.

We’ve tried a couple of things that haven’t really stuck, like Dragon Nest.  We’ve been poking at City of Heroes, but one friend’s install became corrupted after the last patch, and the other hasn’t been able to access any of the characters on his old account.  So far we haven’t been able to get all three of us in there at once, and interest is rapidly waning.

What we’d really like is an action RPG.  Diablo 3 would be perfect, but of course it’s not an option yet.  Torchlight 2 would work, but again, not available.  Diablo 2 is just too dated, not to mention we already played it to death back in the day.  I’ve looked at Din’s Curse as a possibility, but it’s not exactly grabbing me when I go to Soldak’s website.  We’ve all played Titan Quest before, and it’s a possibility, but something new would be nice.

So, any suggestions?  Any good multiplayer action-rpg games out there that I haven’t already mentioned?  I don’t think genre matters that much – fantasy, sci-fi, whatever.  Something that can be had on the cheap would be preferable, and it has to be playable on PC (the only system all 3 of us have in common).


  1. Dunno if you've ever given it a whirl, but I'll heartily recommend Borderlands. Very actiony and a blast in a group; the only real drawback is that PC matchmaking is through gamespy, so you'll need to set up accounts there.

  2. Hmm, I looked at the demo through OnLive a while back, and was kind of put off by my inability to adjust the graphics options up from "crappy". I realized in hindsight that that might have been an OnLive thing rather than a Borderlands thing (that was my first and only experiment with OnLive), but promptly forgot about the game anyway.

    I'm not a fan of FPS style rpgs, but I'll take another look.