Saturday, October 1, 2011

Android Games

Today I should be getting my first ever Android phone, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G.  It seems like a good phone, and has every feature I could possibly use, with the dubious exception of global roaming.  If I travel internationally in the time I have the phone I'll miss that option, but that's hardly a make or break feature.

Anyway, to the point!  I don't know much about Android OS games really.  What are some good ones?  Something a little more in-depth than Angry Birds.  How about RPGs?  Strategy games?  Final Fantasy tactics clones?


  1. There is a decent Final Fantasy-esque game called Symphony of Eternity. It was like $2-$3 when I picked it up.

  2. I'll take a look at that one.

    Any Tactics style games out there?

  3. I know Syp reviews the iPhone version but I believe both games are available for the Android platform but only on certain phones. My wife has the Galaxy S and she can't install them. Hopefully you have better luck.
    Oh, and here's the link to <A HREF=">Battleheart</A> in the Android marketplace.