Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Complaining about Free Things

I know that we, as a species, often like to complain.  "Oh my back hurts," or "oh that person is so mean" or "oh I've been stabbed, why won't anyone help me?!"  Complain complain.  Star Trek Online is currently celebrating its 4th anniversary by giving away free stuff to anyone who can be bothered to log in and claim it. Stuff that normally costs real money to acquire.

Free ships for all!
And people are complaining.  Sure, the vast majority of players are simply saying thank you and moving on (bravo), but there are still a minority of players that have taken to the forums to complain that the free stuff they've been given for free with no obligations, is not the free stuff they wanted, or as cool as they'd have liked.

Just . . . stop.  Please.

What is it about human nature that forces some of us to complain about anything, everything, even (especially?) things that simply don't matter at all?

It's almost as bad as writing a post complaining about people who complain . . . oh . . . wait . . .

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