Friday, December 2, 2011

That other SWTOR post . . .

Isn't happening.  I spent several days scouring my hard drive for all the beta screenshots I took and couldn't find them.  Like many others, the screenshot functionality apparently didn't work for me.  Since the screenshots were integral to the whole post, the post sort of evaporated with the screenshots.

I'm not ready (yet) to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon that the virtual item in the CE of the game is required to enable taking screenshots.  Rather I suspect the holocam (or whatever it's called) will let you take virtual screenshots that are stored and viewable in-game.  I can't believe any non-idiotic developer would completely disable the ability to take screenshots of their game without a virtual item purchased with real money.  They'd lose massive amounts of free word-of-mouth advertising if people can't show screenshots to their friends or post them on blogs, facebook, etc.

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