Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I've ended up taking another new job just 3 weeks after accepting my last one.  It's way more money than I've ever made and for a company I worked for for 4 years last decade, with a bunch of people I already know (and like).  Kind of a no brainer.

What's weird though, is that the company is using Google docs and gmail for almost everything now, and if I try to log in to my blogger account it automatically redirects to the company google docs login.  Even if I'm in my blog and click "login" from my blogs URL.  My android phone has also decided that the text box for blog posts isn't an editable field and that it shouldn't bring up the soft keyboard when I select it.

So I can't edit my blog, at all, except late at night at home.

Anyone have any idea of how I can get around the redirect on my work computer?  Otherwise I'm going to have to drag in a personal laptop and tether my phone just to upload a blog post :P


  1. I suggest you don't do non-work related things at work. Just don't. They monitor that stuff, you know.

  2. Of course they do. But if 30 minutes of low bandwidth use on my lunch break is going to set off red flags they shouldn't allow employee internet use at all. My posts are hardly masterpieces of the English language--i don't spend hours agonizing over these things, I blurt them out and move on.

  3. I open two browsers: one for personal stuff and one for work. I'm talking different software here (chrome for personal, firefox for work, and IE to test our software on) so there's zero overlap with the cache/temp files. Go through whatever paces are necessary to get your personal browser to get used to loading up your stuff (I always have to re-figure this out every time) and you're ready to roll.

  4. That worked. Boy do I feel dense. I almost always use Chrome for personal stuff and IE for work stuff, but didn't even bother here, nor consider the implications. Sheesh. Anyway, thanks thadeshammer!