Friday, April 22, 2011

Rift - The Curse of Altitis

Hi, I'm an altoholic.  In every MMO I've ever played seriously I've had many alts, frequently one per class available in the game, sometimes more.  I had alts in Everquest, alts in Dark Age of Camelot, alts in Guild Wars, World of Warcarft, Warhammer Online, and so on.  City of Heroes probably exemplified my worst case, with two servers full of characters and a third halfway there, and those are just the ones I kept, in CoH I deleted dozens of alts over the years.  I have a tendency to get bored with characters and try something new, only to eventually get bored with the new character, and either go back to my old one, or start yet another one.  The result is that I tend to fall behind the leveling curve and reach the level cap with whatever character I finally settle on pretty late in the game.  Often I'll just pick my highest level character and push them to the level cap just so I can have at least one character at max.  I think it took me four years or so of on-again off-again playing to hit level 50 in City of Heroes.

Enter Rift, a game with four "callings" (archetypes), each of which can equip a variety of souls (classes), and swap them around as much as they like.  I thought this would surely limit my altitis, as I could switch classes within a calling to shake things up as needed.  It turns out . . . not so much.  My main is a Rogue, currently sitting at level 39.  I've tried every soul except Saboteur with him, and the main thing that's accomplished has been to leave him poverty stricken.  Maintaining the skill training of three different builds is expensive.  It doesn't help that I keep respeccing my 3rd build, switching between ranged dps and tanking.  Even with that variety, I've still got a level 21 cleric (my original main), a level 17 warrior (my up-and-coming tank) and a level 10 mage (necro for the win!).

I don't have time for altitis, my gameplay time falls thoroughly in the "casual" range.  Anyone know a good cure for altitis?

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