Monday, March 21, 2011

Rift PvP - What the heck?

I'm a little confused by the current state of PvP on my server in Rift.  In the level 10-19 bracket, the only Warfront (PvP battleground) was The Black Garden.  I play Guardian side, and in the Black Garden I would say the Defiant won at least 60% of the matches.  Sometimes they outplayed us, sometimes they just used annoying tactics, and sometimes we just plain sucked.  When your groups finish forming and you see no healers in either group you know you're in for a rough ride.  It was sometimes frustrating, sometimes easy (I had one victory that ended with a score of 500 to 26), but usually an evenly matched challenge.  This is all about as good as you could hope for in a game like this.

At level 20, the next Warfront opened up, The Codex, and that's when things got . . . weird.  I've only played six matches of The Codex so far, which is not a huge sample size, but Guardians have one every single match.  Usually by scores in the neighborhood of 1000 to 200ish.  Most matches end with the Guardians penning the Defiant into their spawn point and killing them as they drop down.  What on earth is going on?

I know very well that it's not me.  I'm a casual PvPer, and a rogue to boot.  I'm not affecting the outcome of these matches much at all.  I've encountered plenty of Defiant that clearly know how to PvP.  I'm using my PvE build in PvP as well, so I hit pretty hard but have no survivability.  Even most enemy mages seem to be using survivable builds.  I barely took down a Necromancer that I got the jump on 1v1, and a Warrior (Reaver maybe?) would have easily killed me 1v1 had an allied rogue not shown up.  My point is, I haven't noticed any evidence that these guys suck at PvP.

So, either I'm getting really lucky and getting good Guardian pugs, or there's some sort of fundamental Guardian advantage to The Codex map.  Anyone know?

So I played 2 matches of The Black Garden in the 20-29 bracket and 3 matches of The Codex last night.  The Black Garden was 1 win, 1 loss, with the Defiant wiping the floor with us in the first match and nearly winning the second match too.  The Codex was once again 3 wins, and the closest match was a 1000 to 546 win (so not really that close).

My bafflement continues . . .

Update 2:
The Defiant wiped the floor with us in The Codex multiple times last night.  I think I was just getting lucky before.  Good job Defiants!

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